restricted access   Volume 35, Number 2, April 2011

Table of Contents


Introduction: "The Environmental Imagination and Children's Literature"

pp. v-vi

The Necessary Wilderness

pp. 107-117

Where Is Here Anymore?: A Personal Reflection on "Representing the Environment," Chapter 3 of The Environmental Imagination by Lawrence Buell

pp. 118-131

"In Amongst the Green Blades"

pp. 132-145

Into the Thicket: Seeing the Forest for the Trees in Children's Picture Books

pp. 146-157

"I got everything in me": Fraggle Rock's Trash Heap, Spirit, Earth, and Connection

pp. 158-175

Book Reviews

Power, Voice and Subjectivity in Literature for Young Readers (review)

pp. 176-180

Framing Childhood in Eighteenth-Century English Periodicals and Prints, 1689-1789 (review)

pp. 181-185

The Nineteenth-Century Child and Consumer Culture (review)

pp. 185-189

Critical Approaches to Food in Children's Literature (review)

pp. 189-194

Representations of Technology in Science Fiction for Young People (review)

pp. 194-198