restricted access   Volume 68, Number 1, Spring 2011

Table of Contents



pp. 1-4

Freud as a Father: The Testimony of His Letters to His Five Older Children

pp. 5-29

Beyond Bedrock

pp. 31-36

Reading the Mind, Reading the Text: Reflective Functioning, Trauma Literature, and the Task of the Psychoanalytic Critic

pp. 37-48

“To This Favor She Must Come”: Tinguely’s Cow and Hamlet’s Mother

pp. 49-57

F. Scott Fitzgerald and American Psychiatry: A New Letter

pp. 59-65

Nabokov’s Memory War against Freud

pp. 67-91

Psychoanalysis as a “Journey”: A Clinical Method for the Transmission of Psychoanalysis at Universities

pp. 93-119

Clinician's Corner

Rather My Own Shortcomings

pp. 121-125

Letter From London

The Bookshelf

pp. 127-134

Book Reviews

Unterdeβ halten wir zusammen: Briefe an die Kinder (review)

pp. 135-138

A Story of Her Own: The Female Oedipus Complex Reexamined and Renamed (review)

pp. 139-148