restricted access   Volume 22, Number 3, August 2011, Supplement

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Emergency Preparedness: Ethical Faith-Health Leadership, Supporting Vulnerable Populations
Sponsored by the Interdenominational Theological Center and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Guest Editor: Rueben C. Warren, DDS, MPH, DrPH, MDiv


pp. 1-2


Respecting and Protecting the Beloved Community, Especially Susceptible and Vulnerable Populations

pp. 3-13


Emergency Preparedness for a Pandemic Influenza: Ethical Challenges for Black Ministers and the Public Health Community

pp. 14-18

Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Are Some People More Equal than Others?

pp. 19-35

The Impact of Disparities in Health on Pandemic Preparedness

pp. 36-37

Hindsight, Irony, and the Ethical: A Commentary on Pandemics, Social Distancing, and Community Mitigation Strategies Involving African American Clergy

pp. 38-42

Local Public Health Responses to the Threat of Pandemic Flu: Equitable Protection and Communities at Disproportionate Risk

pp. 43-47

Story Telling and Managing Trauma: Health and Spirituality at Work

pp. 48-57

Preparing for an Influenza Pandemic: Policy Implications for Rural Latino Populations

pp. 58-71


Pandemic Influenza Conference: Discussion and Conclusion

pp. 72-74