restricted access   Volume 87, Number 1, February 2011

Table of Contents

From the Editor

Prize in History of Economics

p. iii


The City-Level Effects of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments

pp. 1-18

Income Sorting and the Demand for Clean Air: Evidence from Southern California

pp. 19-27

On Spatial Heterogeneity in Environmental Compliance Costs

pp. 28-44

Valuing a Spatially Variable Environmental Resource: Reducing Non-Point-Source Pollution in Green Bay, Wisconsin

pp. 45-59

Do EPA Administrators Recommend Environmental Policies That Citizens Want?

pp. 60-74

Climate Change and Housing Prices: Hedonic Estimates for Ski Resorts in Western North America

pp. 75-91

Valuing Beach Quality with Hedonic Property Models

pp. 92-108

Urbanization and the Viability of Local Agricultural Economies

pp. 109-125

Are Housing Bubbles Contagious?: A Case Study of Las Vegas and Los Angeles Home Prices

pp. 126-144

Water Markets, Licenses, and Conservation: Some Implications

pp. 145-160

Land Use, Production Growth, and the Institutional Environment of Smallholders: Evidence from Burkinabè Cotton Farmers

pp. 161-182