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What Drives Land-Use Change in the United States?: A National Analysis of Landowner Decisions

pp. 529-550

Do Seller Disclosures Affect Property Values?: Buyer Information and the Hedonic Model

pp. 551-572

Market Power in a GIS-Based Hedonic Price Model of Local Farmland Markets

pp. 573-592

Legal Knowledge and Economic Development: The Case of Land Rights in Uganda

pp. 593-619

Making the Commons Work: Conservation and Cooperation in Ireland

pp. 620-634

Intra-Regional Amenities, Wages, and Home Prices: The Role of Forests in the Southwest

pp. 635-651

Fisheries Instrument Choice under Uncertainty

pp. 652-666

Rent Capture Analysis of Ontario's Stumpage System Using an Enhanced Parity Bounds Model

pp. 667-688

Distribution of Environmental Costs and Benefits, Additional Distortions, and the Porter Hypothesis

pp. 689-700

Optimal Public Goods Provision: Implications of Endogenizing the Labor/Leisure Choice

pp. 701-707


Prices versus Quantities in Fisheries Models: Comment

pp. 708-711

Books Received

Books Received

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Index to 2008


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List of Reviewers

List of Reviewers

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