restricted access   Volume 84, Number 3, August 2008

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From: Land Economics

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Integrating Property Value and Local Recreation Models to Value Ecosystem Services in Urban Watersheds

pp. 361-381

Do Environmental Regulations Influence the Location Behavior of French Firms?

pp. 382-395

Property Tax Policy and Land-Use Change

pp. 396-408

India's Disappearing Common Lands: Fuzzy Boundaries, Encroachment, and Evolving Property Rights

pp. 409-422

The Effect of a Gated Community on Property and Beach Amenity Valuation

pp. 423-433

Viewscapes and Flood Hazard: Coastal Housing Market Response to Amenities and Risk

pp. 434-448

Spatial-Endogenous Fire Risk and Efficient Fuel Management and Timber Harvest

pp. 449-468

Deliberative Monetary Valuation and the Evidence for a New Value Theory

pp. 469-488

Is Hypothetical Bias a Universal Phenomenon?: A Multinational Investigation

pp. 489-500

Effects of Norms and Opportunity Cost of Time on Household Recycling

pp. 501-516

Assessing Management Options for Weed Control with Demanders and Non-Demanders in a Choice Experiment

pp. 517-528