restricted access   Volume 43, Numbers 2, Sumer 2011

Table of Contents

"Everything is Going to Sixes and Sevens": Governing the Female Body (Politic) in Jane Austen's Catharine, Or the Bower (1792)

pp. 131-151

"Gladstone bags, shooting boots, and Bryant & May's matches": Empire, Commerce, and the Imperial Romance in the Graphic's Serialization of H. Rider Haggard's She

pp. 152-178

Hardy's Geography of Narrative Empathy

pp. 179-199

Assimilation After Empire: Marina Lewycka, Paul Gilroy, and the Ethnic Bildungsroman in Contemporary Britain

pp. 200-217

Cormac McCarthy's The Road as Apocalyptic Grail Narrative

pp. 218-236

Historiography and the Material Imagination in the Novels of Sarah Waters

pp. 237-257


British Culture at Mid-Century: Wartime Writing and Intermodernism

pp. 258-259

A Set of Four: New Studies of The Novels of Joseph Conrad

pp. 267-277


The Persistence of Modernism: Loss and Mourning in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 279-281

The Speed Handbook: Velocity, Pleasure, Modernism, and: Consuming Traditions: Modernity, Modernism, and the Commodified Authentic (review)

pp. 281-285

The Unsung Artistry of George Orwell: The Novels from Burmese Days to Nineteen Eighty-Four (review)

pp. 286-287