restricted access   Volume 13, Number 3, Summer 2011

Table of Contents


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Editor’s Note

pp. 1-3


A “Common Appreciation”: Eisenhower, Canada, and Continental Air Defense, 1953–1954

pp. 4-26

The Bonds of Brotherhood: New Evidence on Sino–North Korean Exchanges, 1950–1954

pp. 27-51

Skepticism and Stability: Reevaluating U.S. Policy during Poland’s Democratic Transformation in 1989

pp. 52-82

Lobbying Allies?: The NSZZ Solidarność Coordinating Office Abroad, 1982–1989

pp. 83-125

From Enigma to Enemy: Paul-Henri Spaak, the Belgian Diplomatic Elite, and the Soviet Union, 1944–1945

pp. 126-148

Review Essay

The Quiet Americans?: CIA, NSA, and Counterinsurgency

pp. 149-184


U.S. Conduct in the Vietnam War: Commentaries by Andrew J. Bacevich, Edwin Moïse, and Mark Atwood Lawrence on Bernd Greiner’s War without Fronts

pp. 185-190

War without Fronts: The USA in Vietnam (review)

pp. 190-196

War without Fronts: The USA in Vietnam (review)

pp. 196-199

Reply to the Commentaries

pp. 199-204

Book Reviews

Yalta: The Price of Peace (review)

pp. 205-207

Safe for Democracy: The Secret Wars of the CIA (review)

pp. 207-210

The Invisible Harry Gold: The Man Who Gave the Soviets the Atom Bomb (review)

pp. 210-212

Inventing Vietnam: The United States and State Building 1954–1968 (review)

pp. 212-213

The Myth of the Addicted Army: Vietnam and the Modern War on Drugs (review)

pp. 214-215

Cold War Secret Nuclear Bunkers: The Passive Defence of the Western World during the Cold War (review)

pp. 216-218

Nuclear Papers (review)

pp. 218-220

Asia as Method: Toward Deimperialization (review)

pp. 220-221

Magic and Mayhem: The Delusions of American Foreign Policy from Korea to Afghanistan (review)

pp. 222-223

Jewish Organisations’ Response to Communism and to Senator McCarthy (review)

pp. 223-225

Local Consequences of the Global Cold War (review)

pp. 225-227

Johnny: A Spy’s Life (review)

pp. 227-229

Triplex: Secrets from the Cambridge Spies (review)

pp. 229-230

America Transformed: Sixty Years of Revolutionary Change, 1941–2001 (review)

pp. 230-232

Anglo-Australian Relations and the “Turn to Europe,” 1961–1972 (review)

pp. 232-234

Twentieth-Century Diplomacy: A Case Study of British Practice 1963–1976 (review)

pp. 234-236

Churchill Goes to War: Winston’s Wartime Journeys (review)

pp. 236-238

Harold Wilson’s Cold War: The Labour Government and East-West Relations, 1964–1970 (review)

pp. 238-240

Les grandes puissances et le Laos, 1954–1964 (review)

pp. 240-242

The Pinochet Regime (review)

pp. 242-244

Cold War in Southern Africa: White Power, Black Liberation (review)

pp. 244-246