restricted access   Volume 42, Number 3, Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Asian African Literatures

Gaurav Desai, Special Guest Editor


Asian African Literatures: Genealogies in the Making

pp. V-XXX


Reconsidering South African Indian Fiction Postapartheid

pp. 1-16

International Geographics: Looking Out in Ishtiyaq Shukri’s The Silent Minaret

pp. 17-30

Approaching Asia through the Figure of the Slave in Rayda Jacob’s The Slave Book

pp. 31-45

South African Indian Fiction: Transformations in Ahmed Essop’s Political Ethos

pp. 46-55

Diasporic Memories and National Histories in East African Asian Writing

pp. 56-67

“Eat pig and become a beast”: Food, Drink and Diaspora in East African Indian Writing

pp. 68-87

The Story of a “White Sadlo” and a Meal of “Bhakhri and Salt”: A Gendered Reading of the Unspoken Narrative of Widowhood in Parita Mukta’s Shards of Memory

pp. 88-99

Impossible Burdens: East African Asian Women’s Memoirs

pp. 100-116

Beyond Auto/Biography: Power, Politics, and Gender in Kenyan Asian Women’s Writings

pp. 117-131

Translating between India and Tanzania: Sophia Mustafa’s Partial Cosmopolitanism

pp. 132-146

Commerce as Romance: Nanji Kalidas Mehta’s Dream Half-Expressed

pp. 147-165

The Politics of Love and History: Asian Women and African Men in East African Literature

pp. 166-186

“Ambiguity is the driving force or the nuclear reaction behind my creativity”: An E-conversation with M. G. Vassanji

pp. 187-197