restricted access   Volume 18, Issue 1, Winter 2011

Table of Contents


Human Rights and Legal Systems Across the Global South

pp. 1-6

Part I: Problems of the Universal and the Particular

The Rule of Law Through Its Economies of Appearances: The Making of the African Warlord

pp. 7-40

To the Orphaned, Dispossessed, and Illegitimate Children: Human Rights Beyond Republican and Liberal Traditions

pp. 41-63

Part II: Claims in Context

Democracy, Gender Equality, and Customary Law: Constitutionalizing Internal Cultural Disruption

pp. 65-85

African Customary Law, Customs, and Women’s Rights

pp. 87-120

The Maria da Penha Case and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights: Contributions to the Debate on Domestic Violence Against Women in Brazil

pp. 121-143

State Power, Religion, and Women’s Rights: A Comparative Analysis of Family Law

pp. 145-165

Part III: Struggle, Identity, and the Collective

The Human Right to Health and HIV/AIDS: South Africa and South-South Cooperation to Reframe Global Intellectual Property Principles and Promote Access to Essential Medicines

pp. 167-197

The “Right” to be Trafficked

pp. 199-210

“Culture Fatigue”: The State and Minority Rights in Botswana

pp. 211-240

The Power of Definition: Brazil’s Contribution to Universal Concepts of Indigeneity

pp. 241-261 Global Governance, Indigenous Peoples, and the Right to Prior Consultation in Social Minefields

pp. 263-305

Ethnographies of Indigenous Exclusion in Western Mexico

pp. 307-319

Autochthony, Citizenship, and Exclusion - Paradoxes in the Politics of Belonging in Africa and Europe

pp. 321-339


Abuse of Power and Corruption in Kenya: Will the New Constitution Enhance Government Accountability?

pp. 341-394

Globalization and the Institutional Dynamics of Global Environmental Governance

pp. 395-420


Respect My Authority: Analyzing Claims of Diminished U.S. Supreme Court Influence Abroad

pp. 421-454

The Alien Tort Statute and Flomo v. Firestone Natural Rubber Company: The Key to Change in Global Child Labor Practices?

pp. 455-479

The Fight for Clean Technology Funds: Who Should Control the Future of Low-Carbon Technology in the Developing World?

pp. 481-513

Counting the Costs of a Global Anglophonic Hegemony: Examining the Impact of U.S. Language Education Policy on Linguistic Minorities Worldwide

pp. 515-538

Teachers’ Religious Garb as an Instrument for Globalization in Education

pp. 539-561

From Sovereignty to Responsibility: An Emerging International Norm and Its Call to Action in Burma

pp. 563-591

Book Review

A Review of Beyond Citizenship: American Identity After Globalization by Peter J. Spiro

pp. 593-599