restricted access   Volume 50, Number 2, 2011

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From: Population Review

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The Convergence of European Mortality in Both Sexes in the Near Future: A Spatio-Temporal Approach

Dependency Trends in the Globalization Era: Evidence from Export Partner Concentration

Causes of Anaemia Among Reproductive Age Women: An Intervention Study in the Eastern Region of India

The Efficiency of Immigration and Integration Policies

Predictors of Fathers' Use of Parental Leave in Germany

Shifts in the Focus of Population Policies: Concluding Remarks on the XXXV Chaire Quetelet Symposium

Son Preference in China: Why is it Stronger in Rural Areas?

Modeling Prenatal Son Preference: Some New Perspectives from China

Economic Determinants of Japan's Low Fertility Rate: Cointegration Analysis

Ageing at Work: Between Changing Social Policy Patterns and Reorganization of Working Times