restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, 2010

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From: East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal

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Biotechnology in East Asian Societies: Controversies and Governance

Terence Hua Tai, Wenmay Rei

Special Issue Articles

Introduction: Biotechnology in East Asian Societies: Controversies and Governance

pp. 1-6

Stem Cell Science and its Public: The Case of Singapore

pp. 7-29

Boundary Making and 'Good' Stem Cell Research (SCR) in Mainland China: Including Bioethics, Excluding Debate

pp. 31-51

Toward a Governance Structure Beyond Informed Consent: A Critical Analysis of the Popularity of Private Cord Blood Banking in Taiwan

pp. 53-75

Associating Gene Therapy with the Human Genome Project

pp. 77-97

General Articles

Morality Versus Science: The Two Cultures Discourse in 1950s Taiwan

pp. 99-121

Introduction (2): Japanese STS in Global, East Asian, and Local Contexts

pp. 123-127

Theoretical Challenges for the Current Sociology of Science and Technology: A Prospect for Its Future Development

pp. 129-136

Towards the Governance of Neuroscience: Neuroethics in Japan with Special Reference to Brain-Machine Interface (BMI)

pp. 137-144

STS in Japan in Light of the Science Café Movement

pp. 145-151

Work in Progress: Proposal for Comparative Studies on East Asia STS

pp. 153-160

Book Reviews

Kyongju Things: Assembling Places (review)

pp. 161-164

The Family, Medical Decision-Making and Biotechnology: Critical Reflections on Asian Moral Perspectives (review)

pp. 165-169

天平上的基因: 民為貴、Gene為輕

pp. 171-174

明治・大正の日本の地震学: 「ローカル・サイエンス」を超えて

pp. 175-177