restricted access   Volume 1, Number 2, 2007

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From: East Asian Science, Technology and Society: an International Journal

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Colonial Sciences in Former Japan`s Imperial Universities

Special Issue Articles

Introduction to Feature Issue: Colonial Science in Former Japanese Imperial Universities

pp. 147-152

Seismicity Within and Beyond the Empire: Japanese Seismological Investigation in Taiwan and its Global Deployment, 1895-1909

pp. 153-165

Control of Insect Vectors in the Japanese Empire: Transformation of the Colonial/Metropolitan Environment, 1920-1945

pp. 167-181

Meteorology on the Southern Frontier of Japan's Empire: Ogasawara Kazuo at Taihoku Imperial University

pp. 183-203

Commentary to the Second Special Issue

Japanese Colonialism and its Sciences: A Commentary

pp. 205-211

General Article

Science in Cultural Borderlands: Methodological Reflections on the Study of Science, European Imperialism, and Cultural Encounter

pp. 213-231

Commentary to the Position Paper in Issue 1

East Asian STS: Some Critical Issues

pp. 233-236

Differences in East Asian STS: European Origin or American Origin?

pp. 237-241

East Asian STS: Fox or Hedgehog?

pp. 243-247

How Far Can East Asian STS Go?: A Commentary

pp. 249-250

Book Reviews

On Walter E. Grunden's Secret Weapons and World War II: Japan in the Shadow of Big Science

pp. 251-254

On Morris Low's Building a Modern Japan: Science, Technology, and Medicine in the Meiji Era and Beyond

pp. 255-258

On Linsu Kim's Imitation to Innovation: The Dynamics of Korea's Technological Learning

pp. 259-261

Acid Rain Science and Politics in Japan (review)

pp. 263-265

Han'guk kŭndae kwahak kisul illŏk ŭi ch'ulhyŏn [The Emergence of Modern Korean Scientific and Technological Manpower] (review)

pp. 267-269

Subject index to volume 1 (2007)

p. 271