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  Volume 82, Number 4, October 1996

Table of Contents

The Catholic Historical Review

pp. I-xxviii


pp. i-xxviii


Spiritual Progress in Carolingian Saxony: A Case from Ninth-Century Corvey

pp. 599-613

Juan Mateo Guaticabanú, September 21, 1496: Evangelization and Martyrdom in the Time of Columbus

pp. 614-636

Henry Nutcombe Oxenham: Enfant Terrible of the Liberal Catholic Movement in Mid-Victorian England

pp. 637-660

Bibliographical Essay

The Spanish Church and the Second Republic and Civil War, 1931-1939

pp. 661-668

Book Reviews

General and Miscellaneous

The Week of Salvation: History and Traditions of Holy Week by James Monti (review)

pp. 669-670

Columbus, Confrontation, Christianity: The European-American Encounter Revisited ed. by Timothy J. O'Keefe (review)

pp. 671-672

Jacques Maritain and the Jews ed. by Robert Royal (review)

pp. 672-673


The Invisible God: The Earliest Christians on Art by Paul Corby Finney (review)

pp. 674-675

Dreams in Late Antiquity: Studies in the Imagination of a Culture by Patricia Cox Miller (review)

pp. 675-679

Christianity and Classical Culture: The Metamorphosis of Natural Theology in the Christian Encounter with Hellenism by Jaroslav Pelikan (review)

pp. 679-681

In Hora Mortis: Évolution de la pastorale chrétienne de la mort aux IVe et Ve siècles dans l'Occident latin by Eric Rebillard (review)

pp. 681-683

Vitale e Agricola: Il culto dei protomartiri di Bologna attraverso i secoli nel XVI centenario della traslazione ed. by Gina Fasoli (review)

pp. 683-684


The Cathedral: The Social and Architectural Dynamics of Construction by Alain Erlande-Brandenburg (review)

pp. 684-686

Law and Liturgy in the Latin Church, 5th-12th Centuries by Roger E. Reynolds (review)

pp. 686-687

Cultural Interplay in the Eighth Century: The Trier Gospels and the Making of a Scriptorium at Echternach by Nancy Netzer (review)

pp. 687-689

Pilger, Mirakel und Alltag. Formen des Verhaltens im skandinavischen Mittelalter (12.-15. Jahrhundert) by Christian Krötzl (review)

pp. 689-690

Religion paysanne et religion urbaine en Toscane (c. 1250-c. 1450) by Charles M. De la Roncière (review)

pp. 690-691

Olivi and Franciscan Poverty: The Origins of the Usus Pauper Controversy by David Burr (review)

pp. 692-693

The Baltic Crusade by William L. Urban (review)

pp. 693-694

Creative Women in Medieval and Early Modern Italy: A Religious and Artistic Renaissance ed. by E. Ann Matter and John Coakley (review)

pp. 694-695

Early Modern European

Legati e governatori dello Stato Pontificio (1550-1809) ed. by Christoph Weber (review)

pp. 696-697

Cajetan et Luther en 1518: Édition, traduction et commentaire des opuscules d'Augsbourg de Cajetan ed. by Charles Morerod, O.P. (review)

pp. 697-698

The Scandinavian Reformation: From Evangelical Movement to Institutionalisation of Reform ed. by Ole Peter Grell (review)

pp. 698-701

German Sculpture of the Later Renaissance, c. 1520-1580: Art in an Age of Uncertainty by Jeffrey Chipps Smith (review)

pp. 701-702

Voracious Idols and Violent Hands: Iconoclasm in Reformation Zurich, Strasbourg, and Basel by Lee Palmer Wandel (review)

pp. 703-704

William Tyndale: A Biography by David Daniell (review)

pp. 704-706

"Una Città infetta": La Repubblica di Lucca nella crisi religiosa del Cinquecento by Simonetta Adorni-Braccesi (review)

pp. 706-707

Protestant Politics: Jacob Sturm (1489-1553) and the German Reformation by Thomas A. Brady, Jr. (review)

p. 708

Martin Bucer: Reforming Church and Community ed. by D. F. Wright (review)

pp. 708-710

Religious Orders of the Catholic Reformation. In Honor of John C. Olin on His Seventy-Fifth Birthday ed. by Richard L. DeMolen (review)

pp. 710-711

Ignatius of Loyola: The Pilgrim Saint ed. by Cornelius Michael Buckley, S.J. (review)

pp. 711-712

From Ignatius Loyola to John of the Cross: Spirituality and Literature in Sixteenth-Century Spain by Terence O'Reilly (review)

pp. 712-713

Right Thinking and Sacred Oratory in Counter-Reformation Rome by Frederick J. McGinness (review)

pp. 714-715

Konfession und internationales System. Die Außenpolitik Hessen-Kassels im konfessionellen Zeitalter by Holger Thomas Gräf (review)

pp. 715-716

Adultery and Divorce in Calvin's Geneva by Robert Kingdon (review)

pp. 716-717

Sin and the Calvinists: Morals Control and the Consistory in the Reformed Tradition ed. by Raymond A. Mentzer (review)

pp. 717-718

Il processo inquisitoriale del Cardinal Giovanni Morone. Edizione Critica. Volume VI: Appendice II: Summarium processus originalis; Documenti ed. by Massimo Firpo and Dario Marcatto (review)

pp. 719-720

The Counter-Reformation in the Villages: Religion and Reform in the Bishopric of Speyer, 1560-1720 by Marc R. Forster (review)

pp. 720-721

Acta Nuntiaturae Polonae, Tomus IX: Vincentius Lauro (1572-1578), Volumen I (25 VII 1572-30 IX 1574) ed. by Miroslaus Korolko and Henricus Damianus Wojtyska, C.P. (review)

pp. 722-723

Robert Persons: The Biography of an Elizabethan Jesuit, 1546-1610 by Francis Edwards, S.J. (review)

pp. 723-724

Giambologna, Narrator of the Catholic Reformation by Mary Weitzel Gibbons (review)

pp. 724-725

A Defense of Galileo, the Mathematician from Florence by Thomas Campanella, O.P. (review)

pp. 726-727

The Burdens of Sister Margaret by Craig Harline (review)

pp. 727-728

Music & Spectacle in Baroque Rome: Barberini Patronage under Urban VIII by Frederick Hammond (review)

pp. 728-729

Late Modern European

"A Nation of Beggars"? Priests, People, and Politics in Famine Ireland, 1846-1852 by Donal A. Kerr. (review)

pp. 729-730

Popular Anti-Catholicism in Mid-Victorian England by D. G. Paz (review)

pp. 730-732

Critics on Trial: An Introduction to the Catholic Modernist Crisis by Marvin R. O'Connell (review)

pp. 732-733

Zeitgeschichte in Lebensbildern. Aus dem deutschen Katholizismus des 19. und 20, Jahrhunderts ed. by Jürgen Aretz, Rudolf Morsey, and Anton Rauscher (review)

pp. 733-735

Les Carnets du Cardinal Baudrillart (1914-1918) by Paul Christophe (review)

pp. 735-736

Dietrich von Hildebrand. Memoiren und Aufsätze gegen den Nationalsozialismus, 1933-1938 ed. by Ernst Wenisch (review)

pp. 737-738


St. Mary's of Natchez: The History of a Southern Catholic Congregation, 1716-1988. Volume 1: The History; Volume 2: Signs of Parish Life by Charles E. Nolan (review)

pp. 738-739

They Came to Teach: The Story of Sisters Who Taught in Parochial Schools and Their Contribution to Elementary Education in Minnesota by Annabelle Raiche, C.S.J., and Ann Marie Biermaier, O.S.B. (review)

pp. 739-740

Cosmos in the Chaos: Philip Schaff's Interpretation of Nineteenth-Century American Religion by Stephen R. Graham (review)

pp. 740-741


Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: Abortion and the Courts in Canada by F. L. Morton (review)

pp. 741-743

Latin American

Historia de la Arquidiócesis de Bogotá: Su itinerario evangelizador, 1564-1993 by Luis Carlos Mantilla R., O.F.M. (review)

pp. 743-744


A History of Christianity in Africa: From Antiquity to the Present by Elizabeth Isichei (review)

pp. 745-746


A Vision Betrayed: The Jesuits in Japan and China, 1542-1742 by Andrew C. Ross (review)

pp. 746-747

The Forgotten Christians of Hangzhou by D. E. Mungello (review)

pp. 747-748

Notes and Comments

pp. 749-759

Periodical Literature

pp. 760-774

Other Books Received

pp. 775-782

Research Areas


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