restricted access   PAJ 73 (Volume 25, Number 1), January 2003

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From: PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art

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The Director Reborn: An Exploration

pp. 1-6

Memories of the Future: Technology and the Body in dumb type's memorandum

pp. 7-20

Art Survival Strategies

Strategy is the Status Quo

pp. 21-28

Every Descriptive Word Used to Describe Artists and their work in The New York Times "Art in Review," Friday, June 21, 2002

pp. 29-33

The Flushing Cycle: excerpts from memoir-monologue plays

pp. 34-38

Ain't Nothin' Like the Real Thing: Hollywood Comes to New York

pp. 39-47

Franciscan Performance: A Theatre Lost and Found Again

pp. 48-60

Art & Performance Notes

Formalist Investigations of Medieval Forms: Pat Lipsky and the Spirit of Color

pp. 62-68

Myth as Public Dream: The Metamorphosis of Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses

pp. 69-78

The Iconic Bodies of Michele Zaza

pp. 79-85

The Premature Burial: Mark Zimmermann and the Death of Painting

pp. 86-90

An Internet Performance for the Third Millennium: The Birth of the Christ Child in the Year 2000

pp. 91-94

The Birth of the Christ Child: A Divine Comedy

pp. 95-110

Books and Company

The Impossible Theorist: Three Recent Books by Herbert Blau

pp. 111-118

Internet Inter Alia

pp. 119-124