Volume 60, Number 1, Summer 2011

Table of Contents


pp. 1-10

Part 1: The Past

The Emergence and Challenge of the Modern Library Building: Ideal Types, Model Libraries, and Guidelines, from the Enlightenment to the Experience Economy

pp. 11-42

The Design of the English Domestic Library in the Seventeenth Century: Readers and Their Book Rooms

pp. 43-53

Owatonna (Minnesota) Builds a Library

pp. 54-70

“New Beauties”: The Design of British Public Library Buildings in the 1960s

pp. 71-111

Part 2: Past and Present

Collections to Connections: Changing Spaces and New Challenges in Academic Library Buildings

pp. 112-133

A Great Library on the Prairie: The History, Design, and Growth of the University of Illinois Library

pp. 134-151

Public Library Buildings in Finland: An Analysis of the Architectural and Librarianship Discourses from 1945 to the Present

pp. 152-173

Part 3: The Present

Library Space and Digital Challenges

pp. 174-189

Sustainability as a Driving Force in Contemporary Library Design

pp. 190-214

Library Buildings: Planning and Programming

pp. 215-226

The Dark Side of Library Architecture: The Persistence of Dysfunctional Designs

pp. 227-255