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On Reviewing

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From Stage Play to Hybrid: Shaw’s Three Editions of Pygmalion

pp. 9-30

You Never Can Tell: Shaw’s Shakespearean Comedy

pp. 31-45

Widowers’ Houses: Shaw’s Spin on Das Rheingold

pp. 46-58

The Devil on the Road to Damascus: Saint Paul in The Devil’s Disciple

pp. 59-70

The Bulgarians of Bernard Shaw’s Arms and the Man

pp. 71-88

Shaw’s Xenophilous New Woman: Raina Petkoff as Mistress of Her Domain

pp. 89-101

Whose Life Is It, Anyway?: Shaw, The Doctor’s Dilemma and Modern Tragedy

pp. 102-117

Bernard Shaw as Shakespeare Critic

pp. 118-132

Shaw Among the Modernists

pp. 133-148

Don Roberto in Bernard Shaw’s Plays

pp. 149-155

Noël Coward and the Avuncular Shaw

pp. 156-168

Sophoclean Shaw with Solos

pp. 169-178

How to Win an Election

pp. 179-191

“I Often Quote Myself” (And Others): Modified Quotations in the Plays of Bernard Shaw

pp. 192-206

Digitizing Shaw: The Magic of High-Speed Interactive Platforms

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Making War on War

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The Old Guy and the Champ

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Tributes and Interviews

Forty Years of the Bernard Shaw Society of Japan

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“Shaw’s Corner”: As a Theater

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A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana

A Continuing Checklist of Shaviana

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International Shaw Society

International Shaw Society

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