restricted access   Number 45 & 46, Fall 1995 & Spring 1996 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. 5-7

The Aborigines And The Jungle

p. 9


p. 10

earthquake risky, and: Red Light

p. 11

Roses for the Dead, and: Revision of a Landscape

p. 12

e.t.a., and: Poem for Teacher

pp. 13-14

L.A., Cittá Chiusa

pp. 15-16

Black Dog

pp. 17-18

Spry Currency, and: Tugged Blanket

p. 19

An Answer

p. 20


pp. 21-22

Fire Work

pp. 23-27

Cleaning Out Kitchen Cabinets: A Dialogue Among Three Women, and: Your Mother Ironing

pp. 28-30

my mother's cancer:

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p. 33

Beauty Sleep, and: The Ugly Duckling Who Remains An Ugly Duckling

p. 34

Choosing Their Battles: (Four Oral Histories Look Back at the First Generation of an Unwanted Disease in an Age without Certainty)

pp. 35-49

Guys and Dolls

pp. 50-51

Til Death Do Us, and: How Should One De[con]struct a Woman?

p. 52

Teaching Night Class: Southwestern College, 1993

pp. 53-54


p. 55

English in America Updated: An Interview with Richard Ohmann

pp. 57-75

Undisciplined: An Interview With Andrew Ross

pp. 77-94

Less Disciplinary Than Thou: Criticism and the Conflict of the Faculties

pp. 95-115

The Work of Cultural Studies in the Age of Transnational Production

pp. 117-146

The Educational Politics of Human Resources: Humanities Teachers as Resource Managers

pp. 147-166

Time Out of Mind: Graduate Students in the Institution of English

pp. 167-177

On Strike at Yale

pp. 179-195

Dancing in the Dark: A Manifesto Against Professional Organizations

pp. 197-214

On Piranhas, Interviews, and Crossing the River

pp. 215-223

Getting Hired

pp. 225-245

The Role of the NEH Summer Seminar in Mentoring Academic Women

pp. 247-261

Public Access Limited

pp. 263-273

Frameworks and Free Agents

pp. 275-283

Postcolonialism's Unsaid

pp. 285-290

Naming the Noise: Postmodern Responses to the Textual Sublime

pp. 291-298

The Age of Deconstruction

pp. 299-309

Textualized Absence as Professional Practice

pp. 311-319

Complex History: Swift and Eighteenth-Century Studies

pp. 321-326

Books for Review

pp. 327-330


pp. 331-333