restricted access   Volume 44, Number 4, Summer 2011

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Social Memory and Historical Justice



pp. 1007-1018

Section I Social Justice

Voices from the Rubble Society: "Operation Gomorrah" and its Aftermath

pp. 1019-1032

Forgetting Indigenous Histories: Cases from the History of Australia's Stolen Generations

pp. 1033-1046

The Long Life of Stalinism: Reflections on the Aftermath of Totalitarianism and Social Memory

pp. 1047-1061

Between the Voices of the State and the Human Rights Movement: Never Again and the Memories of the Disappeared in Argentina

pp. 1063-1076

Why Gandhi Doesn't Belong at Wellington Railway Station

pp. 1077-1093

Lost to Public Commemoration: American Veterans of the "Forgotten" Korean War

pp. 1095-1113

The Australian Frontier in the Museum

pp. 1115-1128

Social Memories in (Post)colonial France: Remembering the Franco-Algerian War

pp. 1129-1138

Section II Food History

Hearing the Consumer?: The Laboratory, the Public, and the Construction of Food Safety in Brussels (1840s-1910s)

pp. 1139-1155

"An Acceptable Refreshment": The Meaning of Food and Drink in the Hudson Valley, 1780-1860

pp. 1157-1171

Section III Childhood and Institutions

The Success of the Civilization Offensive: Societal Adaptation of Reformed Boys in the Early Twentieth Century in the Netherlands

pp. 1173-1194

Honor Among Orphans: Girlhood, Virtue, and Nation at Rio de Janeiro's Recolhimento

pp. 1195-1215

Section IV Regional Topics

The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921: Toward an Integrative Theory of Collective Violence

pp. 1217-1232


Section 1 States and Society

The War on Welfare: Family, Poverty, and Politics in Modern America (review)

pp. 1233-1235

Americanization in the States: Immigrant Social Welfare Policy, Citizenship, and National Identity in the United States, 1908-1929 (review)

pp. 1235-1237

The Straight State: Sexuality and Citizenship in Twentieth Century America (review)

pp. 1237-1239

Fear and Progress: Ordinary Lives in Franco's Spain, 1939-1975 (review)

pp. 1239-1241

Lost to the Collective: Suicide and the Promise of Soviet Socialism, 1921-1929 (review)

pp. 1241-1242

Section 2 Race

Becoming American under Fire: Irish Americans, African Americans, and the Politics of Citizenship during the Civil War Era (review)

pp. 1242-1244

Emancipation's Diaspora: Race and Reconstruction in the Upper Midwest (review)

pp. 1244-1246

Southern Horrors: Women and the Politics of Rape and Lynching (review)

pp. 1246-1248

Impurity of Blood: Defining Race in Spain, 1870-1930 (review)

pp. 1248-1250

Black and Green: Afro-Colombians, Development, and Nature in the Pacific Lowlands (review)

pp. 1250-1252

Red and Black in Haiti: Radicalism, Conflict, and Political Change, 1934-1957 (review)

pp. 1252-1254

Section 3 Music

Cuttin' Up: How Early Jazz Got America's Ear (review)

pp. 1254-1256

The Dynamite Club: How a Bombing in Fin-de-Siècle Paris Ignited the Age of Modern Terror (review)

pp. 1256-1258

Life Flows On in Endless Song: Folk Songs and American History (review)

pp. 1259-1260

Section 4 Regional Studies

Desire: A History of European Sexuality (review)

pp. 1260-1262

The Fragile Fabric of Union: Cotton, Federal Politics, and the Global Origins of the Civil War (review)

pp. 1262-1264

Thanksgiving: The Biography of an American Holiday (review)

pp. 1264-1266

The Ties That Buy: Women and Commerce in Revolutionary America (review)

pp. 1266-1268

Replenishing the Earth: The Settler Revolution and the Rise of the Anglo-World, 1783-1939 (review)

pp. 1268-1270

A Social and Cultural History of Early Modern France, and: Family, Gender, and Law in Early Modern France (review)

pp. 1270-1274

The Andes Imagined: Indigenismo, Society, and Modernity (review)

pp. 1274-1275

Town Born: The Political Economy of New England from its Founding to the Revolution (review)

pp. 1276-1277

Section 5 Crime and Punishment

American Homicide (review)

pp. 1277-1279

Smuggling: Contraband and Corruption in World History (review)

pp. 1279-1281

Hard Time at Tehachapi: California's First Women's Prison (review)

pp. 1282-1283

Acts of Conscience: World War II, Mental Institutions, and Religious Objectors (review)

pp. 1283-1285

Hunting and the Politics of Violence before the English Civil War (review)

pp. 1286-1287

Section 6 Other Topics

Voluntary Associations in Tsarist Russia: Science, Patriotism and Civil Society (review)

pp. 1287-1289

The Dying and the Doctors. The Medical Revolution in Seventeenth-century England (review)

pp. 1289-1291

Every Home a Distillery: Alcohol, Gender, and Technology in the Colonial Chesapeake (review)

pp. 1291-1292

Scotch-Irish Merchants in Colonial America (review)

pp. 1293-1295

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