restricted access   Volume 62, Number 2, Summer 2011

Table of Contents

Surviving Hamlet

From the Editor: Surviving Hamlet

pp. 145-147


Against Survival: Queerness in a Time That's Out of Joint

pp. 148-169

Forget Hamlet

pp. 170-173

Hamlet without Us

pp. 174-179


At Sea about Hamlet at Sea: A Detective Story

pp. 180-204

Fellow Students: Hamlet, Horatio, and the Early Modern University

pp. 205-301

"Caviare to the general"?: Taste, Hearing, and Genre in Hamlet

pp. 230-255

Just Horatio

How Is Horatio Just?: How Just Is Horatio?

pp. 256-262

Two Lines, Three Readers: Hamlet, TLN 1904-5

pp. 263-270

Reading Horatio

pp. 271-278

Book Reviews

The New Kittredge Shakespeare The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, and: The New Kittredge Shakespeare The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, and: The New Kittredge Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice, and: The New Kittredge Shakespeare The Tragedy of Antony and Cleopatra (review)

pp. 279-281

Shakespeare Found! A Life Portrait at Last: Portraits, Poet, Patron, Poems (review)

pp. 281-284

The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare's Comedies (review)

pp. 284-286

Shakespeare's Book: Essays in Reading, Writing, and Reception (review)

pp. 286-289

Skepticism and Memory in Shakespeare and Donne (review)

pp. 290-292

Early Modern Ecostudies: From the Florentine Codex to Shakespeare (review)

pp. 292-295

Shakespeare and the Eighteenth Century (review)

pp. 295-298

Shakespearean Gothic (review)

pp. 298-300

Shakespeare and European Politics (review)

pp. 300-302


pp. 303-305