restricted access   Number 52-54, Fall 2001 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Forty Steps

pp. 7-29

You eat with your fingers

p. 31

Elected Body

p. 32

California Deep End

pp. 33-34

At the Large Mart

pp. 35-42

Stone Cold Dead (in the Market): Fleecie's Bop, and: Changing Up on a Blues Guitar

pp. 43-44

Lo! A Hot Wind Blows From The Bronx!

pp. 45-48

Said and Done, and: Otter and Bear

pp. 49-50


pp. 51-53

How I Got Killed

pp. 55-56

Letter to Rodrigo

p. 57


p. 58

Brancusi in Chicago, and: Ship Shape, and: Ocelot

pp. 59-60

On a Portrait of Roxolana de Tiziano, Location Unknown, and: Hotel Aspen

p. 61

The Dead City, and: The Wolf Man

p. 62

Cyclones, and: Spellbound

pp. 63-64

Not as Beautiful, and: He reads her the definition, and: The Snake King and the Stagbeetle Queen, and: You'll Talk / I'll Listen

pp. 65-70

To Andrew Forge, in Receipt of his Wash Drawing, Life-size, of the Huge Dobsonfly (Corydalus cornutus)

pp. 71-72

Carlos Fuentes Lemus: An Abbreviated Life

pp. 73-84

My Son: A Man until the Very End

pp. 85-89

4 A.M. Words

pp. 90-93

The Last Generalist: An Interview with Richard Powers

pp. 95-114

Stanley Agonistes: An Interview with Stanley Fish

pp. 115-126

Citizen Berlant: An Interview with Lauren Berlant

pp. 127-140

New New York Intellectual: An Interview with Louis Menand

pp. 141-157

Academostars Are the Symptom; What's the Disease?

pp. 159-174

The Star System Revisited

pp. 175-184

Name Recognition

pp. 185-208

Star Gazing

pp. 209-214

From the Organic to the Celebrity Intellectual

pp. 215-224

The Times Magazine and Academic Megastars

pp. 225-237

Andrew Ross, Cultural Studies, and Feminism

pp. 239-247

"What does womangraduate students want?": John Guillory and that obscure object of desire

pp. 249-262

"I couldn't possibly love such a person": Judith Butler on Hegel

pp. 263-269

The Gender Gap in the Academic Labor Crisis

pp. 271-279

Canadian Universities and Access 2000

pp. 281-283

Eyes on the Skies: A Brief Note on Eric Lott and Cosmopolitanism

pp. 285-289

The Dilemma of Contemporary Cultural Studies

pp. 291-297

Punk's Not Dead

pp. 299-307

Being There with Elaine Scarry

pp. 309-314

Manichean L.A.

pp. 315-321

The Elite Card

pp. 323-329

Jameson and Method

pp. 331-340

Getting (The) Man Off (Our) Eyeball: White Critical Discourse and African-American Literature

pp. 341-346

Escape from Politics

pp. 347-351

Weeping Men

pp. 353-357

"Behind the Scenes!: Exploitation Film Exposed"

pp. 359-364

Rhetoric Run Riot

pp. 365-369

Books for Review

pp. 371-374


pp. 375-378