restricted access   Number 48-49, Spring-Fall 1997 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

pp. 5-9

What I Learned Before I Went to College

pp. 11-13

The Eudora Case

p. 14

Modern Language Association Convention in Chicago

p. 15

Letter to the Editor

p. 16

What (Verbatim) Poetry Editors Don't Want

pp. 17-18

Rapper KRS1 Upon Being Called a Poet

p. 19

Tongue Ties

pp. 20-21

Bad Spaces

pp. 22-36

Sleeping Too Close to the Border

pp. 37-38

99, part III, and: Bitter Earth, part II

pp. 39-40


p. 41

Shipping and Receiving

pp. 42-43

Pages 49 and 50, and: Garlic

pp. 44-45


pp. 46-48

What School Teaches

p. 49

What We Learn

p. 50

Rondo in C Minor

pp. 51-59

Needs, and: Bewitched

pp. 60-61

First Date

p. 62

Romance Language

p. 63


pp. 64-66

Lines on Princess Di's Funeral

p. 67

Sonnet, and: Judge Gets Grandma to Whip Offender

p. 68

Commercial Literary Culture

pp. 71-90

The Publishing Imaginary and Electronic Media

pp. 91-102

Editorial Instinct: An Interview with William P. Germano

pp. 105-117

Editor as Catalyst: An Interview with Niko Pfund

pp. 119-139

Editing Not Academic: An Interview with Cecelia Cancellaro

pp. 141-150

Editorial Experience: An Interview with Beverly Jarrett

pp. 151-167

Editing the Anthology: An Interview with Paul Lauter

pp. 169-181

The Rise of American Cultural Studies: A View From East Texas

pp. 183-198

Invisible Bodies and the Corporeality of Difference

pp. 199-206

The Marxist Bedroom: Sex and Class Struggle

pp. 207-216

Avoiding Criticism

pp. 217-225

Ethnic Occupations

pp. 227-234

Whose Fanon?

pp. 235-242

Canon Wars and Marxist Cultural Studies: The Work of Lillian S. Robinson

pp. 243-248

Between Meltdown and Community: Crisis and Opportunity in Higher Education

pp. 249-258

On Downsizing and Elitism

pp. 259-264

"Activist Politics" and/or the Job Crisis in the Humanities

pp. 265-275

Mr. Levin's World

pp. 277-286

Books for Review

pp. 289-294


pp. 295-297