restricted access   Number 47, Fall 1996 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Introduction: Through the Ethnographic Looking Glass

pp. 5-8

Poems for the I.N.S.

pp. 9-11

Go-Go Boy

pp. 12-14

I Wanna One On One Wit Jesus: When My Man Done Make Me Blue

pp. 14-15

Custer's Nomenclature, and: Paul Robeson

pp. 16-17

I Was Brown, They Were Black, and: Jim Maxwell Died Last Week

p. 18

Bleached Wheat

pp. 19-29

Everything's White

pp. 30-35

White Looks: Hairy Apes, True Stories and Limbaugh's Laughs

pp. 37-47

What We Talk About When We Talk About Whiteness

pp. 49-55

What is "White Trash"?: Stereotypes and Economic Conditions of Poor Whites in the U.S.

pp. 57-72

What's "White," and Whither?

pp. 73-80

Jazz, Minstrelsy, and White-American Blues

pp. 81-91

Inside the White Race Corral

pp. 93-103

The New Abolitionism

pp. 105-108

The Stakes of Whiteness

pp. 109-114

A Symposium on Whiteness

pp. 115-131

Black & White

pp. 132-139

The Unexamined

pp. 141-156

Performing Men of Color: Autoperformance, Highways Performance Space, the NEA, and the White Right

pp. 157-167

Leo Bersani and the Nostalgia for White Male Radicalism

pp. 169-176

The Missing Adjective; or, Further Challenges to "That Phantom Collectivity"

pp. 177-182

Visions in White

pp. 183-189

Along the Color Line: Memory, Community, Identity

pp. 191-197

The White Problem

pp. 199-204

Black and White, Unite and Write: New Integrationist Criticism of U.S. Literary Modernism

pp. 205-215

R'n B Skeletons in the Closet: The Men of Doo Wop

pp. 217-229

Public Axes: A Reply to Jim Neilson and Gregory Meyerson

pp. 231-238

Access to Grind: A Reply to Michael Bérubé

pp. 239-248

Books for Review

pp. 249-252


pp. 253-255