restricted access   Volume 16, Number 1, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Bridges 21st Anniversary Issue: Conversations on Creativity, Activitism and Jewish Feministidentity

From the Editor

pp. 1-3


Felice Yeskel, z'l; A Remembrance: April 6, 1953 - Jan. 11, 2011

pp. 4-7

Conversations Begin with Questions

pp. 8-15

Why Write Poetry?

pp. 16-21

Inside the Rib: Red Hen Press Launch Sisters Discuss their Work

pp. 22-25

Letters on Uncertainty, Bewilderment and Faith

pp. 26-34

Wandering Jews

pp. 35-43

Straddling Worlds, Bringing Your Whole Self

pp. 44-50

Translations Tel Aviv to Toronto

pp. 51-57

They Wrote About Everything: Women and Yiddish

pp. 58-63

Thoughts on Yiddish and Bridges

pp. 64-69

Lessons in Russian and Yiddish

pp. 70-76

Poetry: Music, Patience and Form

pp. 77-85

On Editing from The Well of Living Waters and Drash: Northwest Mosaic

pp. 86-90

Class Words

pp. 91-97

Choosing Life

pp. 98-103

Art, Aging and Legacies

pp. 104-111

Older and Wiser

pp. 112-117

Still Books to Write

pp. 118-125

Two Memoirs After Seven Decades

pp. 126-132

The Uses of Language

pp. 133-142

Legends and Legacies from Denver to Berlin

pp. 143-150

Reversing the Gaze

pp. 151-154

Talking about Loss after the Holocaust

pp. 155-161

Way Beyond the Girl-Nots

pp. 162-169

Between NYC and Haifa: On Being Jewish, Feminist and Peace Activist

pp. 170-175

A Congenial Anarchy: An Affirmation of Jewish Feminist Space

pp. 176-181

African American Jewish Women—Life Beyond the Hyphen

pp. 182-187

Love, Hate, G-d and Poetry

pp. 188-193

Discovering Jewish Feminism a Generation Apart

pp. 194-199

How Enid Dame Led Us Beyond Paradigms

pp. 200-207

Attack of the Killer Krows: Hitchcock's The Birds and The Book of Ruth

pp. 208-213

Family Skeletons: Writing About the Living and the Dead

pp. 214-220

Familiar Strangers

pp. 221-227

Forward and Backward: Jewish Lesbian Writers

pp. 228-233


pp. 234-239