restricted access   Number 2, Summer 1981

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From: SAIS Review

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The Caribbean in Crisis


pp. 1-2

Reagan and Central America

pp. 3-11

Central America and the United States

pp. 13-33

Three Perspectives on El Salvador

pp. 35-48

Interview with Richard R. Fagen

pp. 49-59

Haiti: A Case Study in Futility

pp. 61-70

Haitian Refugees: A Dilemma for the United States

pp. 71-79

Jamaica's Bauxite Strategy: The Caribbean Flirts with the International System

pp. 81-91


The Prospects for the Camp David Peace Process

pp. 93-100

Interview: Harold Brown with Philip Geyelin

pp. 101-112

Theater Nuclear Forces: Europe's New Maginot Line

pp. 113-129

Strategic Engagement and Sino-American Trade

pp. 131-140

Russia and the West: The Next to Last Phase

pp. 141-153

External Debt and Developing Countries

pp. 155-160

Foreign Assistance in an Era of Fiscal Austerity: Whither the Development Banks?

pp. 161-169

The European Monetary System: A Quest for Stability

pp. 171-182