restricted access   Volume 54, Number 4, December 2002

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From: American Quarterly

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Dissertation Abstracts 2001-2002

pp. 731-768

Index to American Quarterly Volume 54 March 2002 to December 2002

pp. 769-772


American Studies in an Age of Globalization

pp. 543-562

Dangerous Crossings: Politics and Epistemology in Post-Cold War American Studies

pp. 563-579

More is Better: Mass Consumption, Gender, and Class Identity in Postwar America

pp. 581-622

Respectability and Representation: The Moorish Science Temple, Morocco, and Black Public Culture in 1920s Chicago

pp. 623-659

Exhibition Review

Embroidery and Enterprise in Gilded Age America

pp. 661-679

Book Reviews

Painting Herself out of a Corner: The Woman Artist in American Society

pp. 681-689

American Ethnic Studies, or American Studies vs. Ethnic Studies?

pp. 691-699

Discovering Postcolonalism

pp. 701-708

Law and Visual Culture: Legal Subjectivity and the Awareness of Appearance

pp. 709-718

In the Spirit of Ernesto Galarza: Recent Publications in Chicano Studies

pp. 719-729