Volume 23, Number 1, 2011

Table of Contents

Special Issue / Nume´ro spe´cial Regulating Decent Work for Domestic Workers / Re´guler le travail de´cent pour les travailleuses domestiques

Merci à Michelle Boivin/A Tribute to Michelle Boivin

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Notice of Errata

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Introduction: Regulating Decent Work for Domestic Workers

pp. 1-45

Introduction: Réguler le travail décent pour les travailleuses domestiques

pp. 47-96

The Absence of State Law: Domestic Workers in India

pp. 97-119

Domestic Services in a "Land of Equality": The Case of Sweden

pp. 121-139

Regulating Migrant Domestic Work in the Netherlands: Opportunities and Pitfalls

pp. 141-165

Recognizing Domestic Workers, Regulating Domestic Work: Conceptual, Measurement, and Regulatory Challenges

pp. 167-184

Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Reflections on Recent Approaches to Tackle Informality

pp. 185-211

Employment Agencies and the Regulation of Domestic Workers in Ghana: Institutionalizing Informality?

pp. 213-233

Global Care Chains, Employment Agencies, and the Conundrum of Jurisdiction: Decent Work for Domestic Workers in Canada

pp. 235-264

"Sweeping Changes?" A Review of Recent Reforms on Protections for Migrant Domestic Workers in Asia and the Middle East

pp. 265-287

Bringing Together or Drifting Apart?: Targeting Care Work as "Work Like No Other"

pp. 289-308

The Pitfalls of Home: Protecting the Health and Safety of Paid Domestic Workers

pp. 309-339

L'administration et l'inspection du travail dans le domaine du travail domestique: les expériences de l'Amérique latine

pp. 341-358

Book Reviews/Chroniques bibliographiques

The Beauty Bias: The Injustice of Appearance in Life and Law (review)

pp. 359-364

Constructing Crime: Contemporary Processes of Criminalization (review)

pp. 365-374

Expert Testimony on Domestic Violence: A Discourse Analysis (review)

pp. 375-384

(Re)Examining Feminism and Justice

pp. 385-391

About the Contributors/Quelques mots sur nos collaboratrices

pp. 393-396