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Under the Radar

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On the Contrary

It’s an Academic Question: Why Progressive Intellectuals Should Not Stay Out of Internal Union Battles

pp. 9-12

One, Two, Many Madisons: The War on Public Sector Workers

pp. 14-21

Is There Life After the Shellacking?: A Post-Election Program for the Democratic Party

pp. 22-31

Indians on Strike: Caste and Class in the Indian Trade Union Movement

pp. 32-39

The Working-Class Eye of Milton Rogovin: A Retrospective Photo Essay

pp. 40-47

Chinese Investments in Africa: Twenty-First Century Colonialism?

pp. 48-55

Building a Labor Movement in a Failed State: The Case of Zimbabwe

pp. 56-63

Promises, Promises: Assessing the Obama Administration’s Record on Labor Reform

pp. 64-72

Battle in the Mojave: Lessons from the Rio Tinto Lockout

pp. 74-82

Economic Prospects: Field Notes on Wall Street Reform: The Battle Continues

pp. 84-87

In the Rearview Mirror: The Weight of Dead Generations

pp. 88-91

Caught in the Web: The Teacher Union Counterattack

pp. 92-95

Books and the Arts

The Closing Window

pp. 96-99

The Continental Plan

pp. 100-102

Power to the People

pp. 103-107

Out of the Mainstream: Books and Films You May Have Missed

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Three Poems by Marcus Jackson

pp. 112-113

Manning Marable (May 13, 1950 – April 1, 2011)

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about our contributors

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