restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, Summer 2011

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From: Journal of Women's History

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Editorial Note: Politics, Activism, Race

pp. 7-13


Standardizing the Home?: Women Reformers and Domestic Service in New Deal New York

pp. 14-38

Disunity in Diversity: The Controversy Over the Admission of Black Women to the General Federation of Women's Clubs, 1900–1902

pp. 39-63

Forgetting the Women: Debates over Female Patriotism in the Aftermath of America's Civil War

pp. 64-86

Separate and Unsanitary: African American Women Railroad Car Cleaners and the Women's Service Section, 1918–1920

pp. 87-111

Gender, Professionalization, and the Child in the Progressive Era: Patty Smith Hill, 1868–1946

pp. 112-136

"Give the Ladies a Chance": Gender and Partisanship in the Prohibition Party, 1869–1912

pp. 137-161

Las Rieleras: Gender, Politics, and Power in the Mexican Railway Movement, 1958–1959

pp. 162-186

Book Reviews

Manly Poses: Identities, Politics, and Lived Experience in the History of Masculinity

pp. 187-199

Rooms of Our Own: Race, Region, Religion, and Class in the Higher Education of Women

pp. 200-207

Gender and Suffrage Politics: New Approaches to the History of Women's Political Emancipation

pp. 208-218

Talking About a Revolution: New Approaches to Writing the History of Second-Wave Feminism

pp. 219-228


pp. 229-231


p. 232