restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, 1971

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From: Southeastern Geographer

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Introduction to Research on Black America: Prospects and Preview

pp. 85-89

Race as an Element in the Intra-City Regionalization of Atlanta's Population

pp. 90-100

The Spatial Interaction of Blacks in Metropolitan Areas

pp. 101-112

The Disadvantaged Black Female Household Head: Migrants to Indianapolis

pp. 113-120

Age Structure in Expanding Ghetto-Space: Cleveland, Ohio, 1940-1965

pp. 121-132

The Development and Spatial Patterns of Black Colleges

pp. 133-138

The Diffusion of the Decision to Integrate: Southern School Desegregation, 1954-1964

pp. 139-144

Opportunities for Geographical Research on the Role of the Negro in the Southern Economy

pp. 145-148

The Persistence of the Black Ghetto as Spatial Separation

pp. 149-156

Problems and Future Directions of Residential Integration: The Local Application of Federally Funded Programs in Dade County, Florida

pp. 157-168