restricted access   Volume 33, Number 1, May 1993

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From: Southeastern Geographer

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The Last of the Hegemons: British Impasse, American Impasse, World Impasse

pp. 1-22

Industrial Restructuring and Women's Homework in Appalachia: Lessons from West Virginia

pp. 23-43

Streamflow Regimes in Urban and Rural Basins of the Middle-Upper Chattahoochee River Basin, North Georgia

pp. 44-64

Effects of Climate on Growth of Shortleaf Pine (Pinus echinata Mill.) in Northern Georgia: A Dendroclimatic Study

pp. 65-81

Racial and Ethnic Segregation Patterns in Metropolitan Miami, Florida, 1980-1990

pp. 82-109

The Changing South

Regional Migration Streams to Different Parts of Florida

pp. 110-121

The Forty-Seventh Meeting: Louisville, Kentucky

pp. 122-123

Report of the Honors Committee

p. 124

Outstanding Service Award

pp. 124-125

Research Honors Award

pp. 125-126