restricted access   Numbers 58-60, Spring & Fall 2002/Spring 2003 (New Series)

Table of Contents

The Dream

pp. 6-7

Faith Is Three Parts Formaldehyde, One Part Ethyl Alcohol

pp. 9-12

A Snapshot

p. 13

Let Us Now Praise Famous Angels, and: Reported Number of Teen Virgins Rises, or, When Squid Attack

pp. 14-15

Model Numbers, and: Atomic Love

pp. 16-17

How to Survive in a Big City Rather than Returning to Your Hometown Where You Keep Running into Old High School Acquaintances at Target

p. 18

Literal Prison

p. 19

For Sale

p. 20

The Story of First-Aid and Beauty Case

pp. 21-27

Images of An Early Summer Night During the Time of the War Lords

p. 28

The Maalishwalla

pp. 29-40

Zero to the Bone

p. 41

Heart Shift, and: Winter Light

pp. 43-44


p. 44

Consolidating Theory: An Interview with Vincent B. Leitch

pp. 45-61

Style: An Interview with Laura Kipnis

pp. 63-77

A Sense of History: An Interview with Arif Dirlik

pp. 79-92

History and Hope: An Interview with Robin D. G. Kelley

pp. 93-109

The Legacies of Michael Sprinker: Introduction

pp. 111-116

Michael Sprinker

pp. 117-120


pp. 121-125

A Legacy of Teaching: for Michael Sprinker

pp. 127-134

Michael Sprinker, the Teacher: Intellectual History, Proust, and Marxism

pp. 135-141

Michael Sprinker and Feminism

pp. 143-148

Reading Michael Sprinker

pp. 149-153

Philosophical Realism and the Aesthetic in Michael Sprinker's Literary Criticism

pp. 155-160

Traces of the Ethical in Michael Sprinker's Marxism

pp. 161-166

Crossing De Man with Althusser: Chiasmus and the Literary Theory of Michael Sprinker

pp. 167-172

Pham Thai, Michael Sprinker, and John Holstun: Chemical Herbicide and the Indirect Costs of Production

pp. 173-185

Scattered Remarks on the Ideology of Home

pp. 187-195

What's Wrong With Cultural Studies?: A Modest Proposal

pp. 197-206

So Black I'm Blue

pp. 207-217

The Cultural Work of Serial Killers

pp. 219-229

Tenured Bosses and Disposable Teachers

pp. 231-239

Kenneth Burke

pp. 241-249

Uneven Reification

pp. 251-264

The Medium of Foucault in Anthropology

pp. 265-272

The Career of Eagleton

pp. 273-278

Making Intellectualism Intelligible

pp. 279-289

How to Love Enlightenment

pp. 291-301

All Globalists Now

pp. 303-309

Punishing Disciplines

pp. 311-316

Disability Studies Grows Up, And Apart

pp. 317-322

Jewish Studies and the Liberal Consensus

pp. 323-325

Books Received

pp. 327-329


pp. 331-333