restricted access   Number 37, Fall 1991 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Karl Marx in Hell

pp. 7-8

Gray Eyes

p. 9

Brown vs. Board of Education Day, and: Words the White Man Use, and: The Blue Book

pp. 10-14

The Go For It Lounge

pp. 15-16

Trees of Knowledge

p. 17

A Tyre Ghazal:

p. 18


pp. 19-20

Ride Back from Town

p. 21

Highway, and: Awakening, and: In His Mother's House, and: Wild Fields

pp. 22-28

A Woman Eats Dirt

p. 29

The Opening

pp. 30-31


pp. 32-33


pp. 34-35

Fishing, and: Telling My Son About His Birth, and: Train

pp. 36-38

Today's Chevrolet

p. 39


p. 40

A Poem for All Red Riding Hoods, and: Black-Out

pp. 41-42


p. 43

Nancy Drew

pp. 44-46

The Function of Art at the Present Time

pp. 47-48

Country of Lent

pp. 49-53

In The Air

pp. 54-64

The Map

pp. 65-68

Ej Viejo

pp. 69-80

Ballad for Americans

pp. 81-88

Black Theorists and Left Antagonists

pp. 89-113

Woman to Woman, Art in Our Lives

pp. 114-123

Realism and Revolution: Balzac, Stendhal, Zola, and the Performances of History (review)

pp. 124-126

Reading de Man Reading, and: Responses: On Paul de Man's Wartime Journalism (review)

pp. 126-129

Trumpets from the Islands of their Eviction, and: Surface Tension (review)

pp. 129-135

Intellectuals: Aesthetics, Politics, Academics (review)

pp. 135-137

Time Passages: Collective Memory and American Popular Culture (review)

pp. 138-140

Spinoza and Other Heretics, and: Vol. 1, The Marrano of Reason, and: vol. 2, The Adventures of Immanence (review)

pp. 141-144

Afro-American Literary Study in the 1990s, and: Modernism and the Harlem Renaissance (review)

pp. 145-149

Another Tale to Tell: Politics and Narrative in Postmodern Culture (review)

pp. 149-151

Gender and Genius: Towards a Feminist Aesthetics, and: Primate Visions: Gender, Race, and Nature in the World of Modern Science (review)

pp. 151-155

Literary Practice and Social Change in Britain, 1380-1530 (review)

pp. 155-159

The Carlos Chadwick Mystery: A Novel of College Life and Political Terror (review)

p. 160

Learning to Curse: Essays in Early Modern Culture (review)

pp. 160-164

If I Had A Hammer: Women's Work In Poetry, Fiction and Photographs (review)

pp. 164-167

Imaginary Homelands (review)

pp. 167-169


p. 170