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Table of Contents


pp. vii-viii


pp. ix-xx

The Region

Southeast Asia in 2009: A Year Fraught with Challenges

pp. 2-22

Review of Southeast Asian Economic Developments

pp. 23-43

The United States and China in Southeast Asia: Conflict or Convergence?

pp. 44-59

The Year in ASEAN: The Charter, Trade Agreements, and the Global Economic Crisis

pp. 60-68

Brunei Darussalam

Brunei Darussalam in 2009: Addressing the Multiple Challenges

pp. 70-82


Cambodia in 2009: The Party's Not Over Yet

pp. 84-99


Indonesia in 2009: Democratic Triumphs and Trials

pp. 102-125

The Impact of Domestic and Asian Regional Changes on Indonesian Foreign Policy

pp. 126-141


Lao People's Democratic Republic in 2009: Economic Performance, Prospects, and Challenges

pp. 144-152

Laos: Crisis and Resource Contestation

pp. 153-161


Malaysia: The Rise of Najib and 1Malaysia

pp. 164-179

The Limits of Malay Educational and Language Hegemony

pp. 180-197


Myanmar in 2009: On the Cusp of Normality?

pp. 200-213

Ethnic Politics in Myanmar: A Year of Tension and Anticipation

pp. 214-234

The Philippines

The Philippines in 2009: The Fourth-Quarter Collapse

pp. 236-257


Singapore in 2009: Braving a Grave New World

pp. 260-284

Rooting for the Future: Views for the Heritage Sector in Singapore

pp. 285-299


Thailand in 2009: Unusual Politics Becomes Usual

pp. 302-331

"Unity" as a Discourse in Thailand's Polarized Politics

pp. 332-342


Timor-Leste in 2009: Marking Ten Years of Independence or Dependence on International "Assistance"?

pp. 344-364


Vietnam: A Tale of Four Players

pp. 366-391

Vietnam and Rising China: The Structural Dynamics of Mature Asymmetry

pp. 392-409