restricted access   56(1), March/mars 2011

Table of Contents

Introduction to the special issue on creole morphology

pp. 1-6


On the development of verbal and nominal morphology in four lusophone creoles

pp. 7-35

Variable plural marking in Jamaican Patwa and Tok Pisin: A linguistic perspective

pp. 37-60

Mesure de la productivité morphologique des créoles : au-delà des méthodes quantitatives

pp. 61-86

The morphology and compositionality of particle verb constructions in Vincentian Creole

pp. 87-107


The problem of conventionality in the development of creole morphological systems

pp. 109-124

Reviews/Comptes Rendus

Processes in third language acquisition (review)

pp. 125-128

Determiners: Universals and variation (review)

pp. 128-130

Society and discourse: How social contexts influence text and talk (review)

pp. 131-133

Phonetics and phonology: Interactions and interrelations (review)

pp. 133-136

World Englishes: The study of new linguistic varieties (review)

pp. 136-139

Doing Optimality Theory : Applying theory to data (review)

pp. 139-141