restricted access   Number 29, Fall 1987 (New Series)

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Cook Book

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Roasted Flour

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Rice and Milk

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Bread Soup

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It Could Well Be, and: And the Head Began to Burn

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The Fishermen

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Woman of South Africa

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so there is no poetry in these nites., and: at the crossroads, and: deepwater

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Let Your Courage, and: A Happy Kid, and: The Triangle Fire

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Dora at the Cannery, c. 1936, and: Ashby Leach Defense Committee

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Slow and Painless Death

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Letter Poem

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Soup Story

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The Present from Chicago

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Writing as Action: A Vindication of the Rights of Woman

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Maternal Anger: Silent Themes and 'Meaningful Digressions' in Psychoanalytic Feminism

pp. 81-87

Motherhood and Representation: From Post World War II Freudian Figurations to Postmodernism

pp. 88-102

Romancing the Philosophers: Luce Irigaray

pp. 103-114

The Man of Reason: "Male" and "Female" in Western Philosophy (review)

pp. 115-118

Behind the Lines: Gender and the Two World Wars (review)

pp. 118-120

Women and War (review)

pp. 120-122

Speculum of the Other Woman, and: This Sex which is Not One, and: Reading Lacan (review)

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Women of the Left Bank: Paris. 1900-1940 (review)

pp. 128-131

Discourse/Counter-Discourse: The Theory and Practice of Symbolic Resistance in Nineteenth-Century France, and: Breaking the Chain: Women, Theory , and French Realist Fiction, and: Literature and the Left in France: Society, Politics, and the Novel Since the Late Nineteenth Century (review)

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The Gaze of Orpheus, and: The Writing of the Disaster (review)

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Memories of the Future: The Daybooks of Tina Modotti, and: Sand and other poems (review)

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The Earth is a Satellite of the Moon, and: High/Blood/Pressure (review)

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Places/Everyone, and: Shop Talk, and: The Face of Jack Munro (review)

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Emily Dickinson (review)

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The Subject of Tragedy: Identity and Difference in Renaissance Drama (review)

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Liberation and Its Limits: The Moral and Political Thought of Freud (review)

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Fertility Zone

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