restricted access   Number 27, Fall 1986 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Nighttime Fires

p. 5

Dangerous People

pp. 6-21

Train Ride to Tule Lake Internment Camp

p. 22

What They Could Not Take With Them

pp. 23-24

She Said I'll Never Forget One Evening

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Sunday Six Pack

pp. 28-38

Piece Work, and: Inside the Wind

pp. 39-40

After the Dujinsheng Silk Factory Zhejiang Province

pp. 41-43

The Book Called Thibet

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The Veil

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pp. 73-74

Swan Lake

pp. 78-80

Four Women

pp. 81-82

What Pyjamas Were

p. 83

The Last Trial of Kepler's Mother

p. 84

The Responsibility of the Hero

pp. 85-86

The Museum of Fine Arts

pp. 87-88

Beware the Insistence of Gravity, Or Upon Waking in the Body of Cesar Vallejo

pp. 89-91

To the Young Man Who Said "Nuke 'em" When I Offered a Central America Flier

pp. 92-93

Reminiscences: Victorious Life, Olive Schreiner

pp. 94-96

Spring Bomb

pp. 97-98

Symptoms of a Current Disorder

pp. 99-102

7:84 in 1985: 14 Years of Radical Popular Theater in Great Britain

pp. 103-116

Thin Ice

pp. 115-117

Theatre for the People: An Interview with John McGrath of the 7:84 Theatre Company

pp. 117-122

Frank Lentricchia's Criticism and Social Change: The Literary Intellectual as Pragmatic Humanist

pp. 123-131

The Left and Realignment

pp. 132-143

Regarding Television: Critical Approaches—An Anthology, and: Cinema Histories, Cinema Practices, and: Alice Doesn't: Feminism, Semiotics, Cinema (review)

pp. 144-149

Sea Change: Poems (review)

pp. 149-151

"The Ashes of Pedro Abad Santos" and Other Poems (review)

pp. 151-153

Romance and Capitalism at the Movies, and: The Canal Bed (review)

pp. 153-157

The Making of "Citizen Kane" (review)

pp. 157-159

Theatres of the Left 1880-1935: Workers' Theatre Movements in Britain and America (review)

pp. 159-162

Political Shakespeare: New Essays in Cultural Materialism, and: Alternative Shakespeares (review)

pp. 162-165

Culture as History: The Transformation of American Society in the Twentieth Century (review)

pp. 165-168

Russian Formalism: A Metapoetics, and: Historic Structures: The Prague School Project, 1928-1946, and: The Prague School: Selected Writings, 1929-1946, and: Verbal Art, Verbal Sign, Verbal Time (review)

pp. 168-172

Visions of Excess: Selected Writings, 1927-1939, and: Politics, Writing, Mutilation: The Cases of Bataille, Blanchot, Roussel, Leiris, and Ponge (review)

pp. 173-175

Herbert Marcuse: Art of Liberation, and: Herbert Marcuse and the Crisis of Marxism (review)

pp. 175-178

The Philosophy of the Novel: Lukács, Marxism and the Dialectics of Form (review)

pp. 178-181


pp. 182-184

Editor's Note

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