restricted access   Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 2000

Table of Contents


pp. 5-11


Introduction to Etienne Gilson, The Terrors of the Year Two Thousand

pp. 12-19

The Terrors of the Year Two Thousand

pp. 20-36

The Social Message of the Jubilee

pp. 37-58

The Religious Underpinnings of the Marketplace

pp. 59-79

What Is Man that Thou Hast Mentioned Him?: Psalm 8 and the Nature of the Human Person

pp. 80-92

Why Read Dostoevsky?

pp. 93-109

Chippewa and Catholic Beliefs in the Work of Louise Erdrich

pp. 110-123

Aquinas and the Role of Anger in Social Reform

pp. 124-144

A Hypothesis Regarding the Religious and Mathematical Bases of Western Civilization

pp. 145-176

Good and Evil in the Life and Work of Edith Stein

pp. 177-196


Contributor Notes

pp. 197-199