restricted access   Volume 132, Number 1-2, Autumn 2002

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From: Transactions of the American Philological Association

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Editor's Note

pp. v-vi

List of Abbreviations

pp. vii-iii

Corrigendum to TAPA 131 (2001) page 116 Alessandro Pardini, "A Homeric Formula in Catullus (c. 51.11-12 gemina teguntur lumina nocte )"

p. 215

I. Presidential Address

Pueri ludentes : Some Aspects of Play and Seriousness in Horace's Epistles

pp. 1-19

II. Papers

Helen and the Last Song for Hector

pp. 21-27

Heracles, Cercopes, and Paracomedy

pp. 29-61

"Cause" in History and the Amnesty at Athens: An Introduction

pp. 63-69

Achieving Amnesty: The Role of Events, Institutions, and Ideas

pp. 71-107

Lysias 18 and Athenian Memory of Civil War

pp. 109-126

Social Science History, Cultural History, and the Amnesty of 403

pp. 127-137

The Slave and Freedman Personnel of Public Libraries in Ancient Rome

pp. 139-176

III. Vice-Presidential Panel 2002

Navigating the Shoals: Teacher Training in our Graduate Programs

pp. 177-178

Teachers at the Helm or Teachers Adrift? Results of the APA Survey on T.A. Teacher Training

pp. 179-182

Navigating the Shoals at Home: Establishing a T.A. Training Course

pp. 183-189

The Ideal of Teacher Training within the Reality of the Ph.D. Program

pp. 191-197

Quis docebit doctores? Proposed Models for Change

pp. 199-201

IV. Paragraphoi

A. E. Housman's Latin Elegy to Moses Jackson

pp. 209-213