restricted access   Volume 2, Number 2, Spring 2011 (New Series)

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes

pp. 1-3


Hyenas in the Enchanted Brothel: "The Naked Truth" in Djibril Diop Mambéty

pp. 8-25

"Let It Go Black": Desire and the Erotic Subject in the Films of Bill Gunn

pp. 26-46

"Redemptive Softness": Interiority, Intellect, and Black Women's Ecstasy in Kathleen Collins's Losing Ground

pp. 47-62

All the Sad Young Men: Whiteness as Melancholic Haunting in Black Queer Independent Film

pp. 63-79

The "Top" of the Heap: Race, Manhood, and Legitimation in My Life in Porn: The Bobby Blake Story

pp. 80-99

Our Stories Have Never Been Told: Preliminary Thoughts on Black Lesbian Cultural Production as Historiography in The Watermelon Woman

pp. 100-113

Variant Sexualities and African Modernity in Joseph Gaye Ramaka's Karmen Geï

pp. 114-129


From a Real Place and Real People: Interview with Mississippi Damned Writer/Director Tina Mabry

pp. 130-137

Africultures Dossier

African Film's Meaningful Body

pp. 138-144

Poster Gallery: Coming Attractions

pp. 146-154

Book Reviews

Cinema Remixed and Reloaded: Black Women Artists and the Moving Image Since 1970 (review)

pp. 155-158

Film Reviews

Children of God (review)

pp. 159-162

A Good Day to Be Black and Sexy (review)

pp. 162-163

Archival News

p. 164

Professional Notes and Research Resources

pp. 165-170

Notes on Contributors

pp. 171-173