restricted access   Volume 12, Number 2, Spring 2011 (New Series)

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From: Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History

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Special Issue: Models on the Margins
Russia and the Ottoman Empire

From the Editors

Models, Margins, and Imperial Entanglements

pp. 275-280


Military Transformation in the Ottoman Empire and Russia, 1500–1800

pp. 281-319

Orientalism on the Margins: The Ottoman Empire under Russian Eyes

pp. 321-351

The Property of Empire: Islamic Law and Russian Agrarian Policy in Transcaucasia and Turkestan

pp. 353-386

World War and World Revolution: Alexander Helphand-Parvus in Germany and Turkey

pp. 387-410

Abdürrezzak Bedirhan: Ottoman Kurd and Russophile in the Twilight of Empire

pp. 411-450

Central Asia between the Ottoman and the Soviet Worlds

pp. 451-476


Spaces of Entanglement

pp. 477-487

Models: A View from the Ottoman Margin

pp. 489-499


Franks, Northmen, and Slavs: Identities and State Formation in Early Medieval Europe, and: Pokhodzhennia Rusi, and; Liudi i kniaz´ v drevnerusskikh letopisiakh serediny XI–XIII vv (review)

pp. 501-509

Romanut na Imperatritsata: Romanoviiat diskurs v avtobiografichnite zapiski na Ekaterina II. Rakursi na chetene prez vtorata polovina na XIX vek (review)

pp. 510-517

Zoloto dlia industrializatsii: TORGSIN (review)

pp. 518-522


Contributors to This Issue

pp. 523-524