restricted access   Volume 4, Number 1, Spring 2011

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Feminist Perspectives on Ethics and Psychiatry

Guest Edited by Jennifer L. Hansen, Jennifer Radden, and Nancy Nyquist Potter

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pp. 1-10


The DSM, Big Pharma, and Clinical Practice Guidelines: Protecting Patient Autonomy and Informed Consent

pp. 11-25

Why the Histrionic Personality Disorder Should Not Be in the DSM: A New Taxonomic and Moral Analysis

pp. 26-40

Same but Different: Constructions of Female Violence in Forensic Mental Health

pp. 41-68

Gender Differences in Depression: Explanations from Feminist Ethics

pp. 69-88

Is Prozac a Feminist Drug?

pp. 89-120

Triad Collaboration in Psychiatry: Privacy and Confidentiality Revisited

pp. 121-139

Stigma and the Politics of Biomedical Models of Mental Illness

pp. 140-163

Preserving Trust, Maintaining Care, and Saving Lives: Competing Feminist Values in Suicide Prevention

pp. 164-187

Foucault, Ugly Ducklings, and Technoswans: Analyzing Fat Hatred, Weight-Loss Surgery, and Compulsory Biomedicalized Aesthetics in America

pp. 188-220


The Death of Esmin Green: Considering Ongoing Injustice in Psychiatric Institutions

pp. 221-230

Book Reviews

The Price of Perfection: Individualism and Society in the Era of Biomedical Enhancement (review)

pp. 231-236

Progress in Bioethics: Science, Policy, and Politics (review)

pp. 237-241

Bioethics and the Disciplines: Recent Work on the Medical Management of Intersex

pp. 241-249



pp. 250-253

Editors Note

Editor's Note

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