restricted access   Volume 2, Number 3, Summer 1999

Table of Contents

Preface: Responding to the Call of Faith and Reason

pp. 5-10


Death of the (Hand)maiden: Contemporary Philosophy in Faith and Reason

pp. 11-19

Rorty v. Searle, At Last: A Debate

pp. 20-67

Practical Truth

pp. 68-75

Assisted Suicide and Assisted Torture

pp. 77-95

Absolute Moral Norms and Human Suffering: An Apocalyptic Reading of Endo's Silence

pp. 96-116

New Foes and Old Faces: Fiction, Interpretation, and Integrity in Newman and Kingsley

pp. 117-135

Pity, Fear, and Catharsis: Purging Millennial Fever

pp. 136-166

"Something Understood": A Familiar Essay on Poetry, Prayer, and Helen C. White

pp. 167-177

Prayer and Poetry: Wimmer Lecture VIII

pp. 178-202


Contributor Notes

pp. 203-205