restricted access   Volume 17, Number 4, Summer 1999

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From: Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies

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pp. vii-viii


Dr. Spock for the 1890s: Medical Advice Literature for Jews of the Russian Empire

pp. 1-19

Between Maternity and Modernity: Jewish Femininity and the German-Jewish "Symbiosis"

pp. 20-33


Questions on the Name

pp. 34-37

Focus on Teaching

An Experiment in Learning: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach in Teaching the Holocaust

pp. 38-65

Teaching Jewish Studies: Four Reflections

pp. 66-67

On the Problems, Pitfalls, and Possibilities in the Teaching of Holocaust Literature

pp. 68-75

Spontaneity in Teaching: Incorporating Current Vatican Publications on the Jews into a Course on Modern Judaism

pp. 76-82

Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Interpreting a Repeated Story

pp. 83-88

Pedagogy and Archaeology: How Students "Dig" the Web

pp. 89-93

Review Essays

The Dead Sea Scrolls after Fifty Years

pp. 94-101

Heroic Conduct?: Daniel Boyarin and the Future of the 'New' Jewish Cultural Studies

pp. 102-110

Book Reviews

Policy Making in Israel: Routines for Simple Problems and Coping with the Complex (review)

pp. 111-113

Crises and Transformation: The Kibbutz at Century's End (review)

pp. 113-114

The Founding Myths of Israel (review)

pp. 114-117

Arab National Communism in the Jewish State (review)

pp. 117-119

Wars, Internal Conflicts, and Political Order: A Jewish Democracy in the Middle East (review)

pp. 119-120

Israel, Jordan, and the Peace Process (review)

pp. 121-123

Deutsch-israelische Beziehungen. Zur Genese bilateraler Verträge 1949-1996 (review)

pp. 123-125

Judentum, Jurisprudenz und Philosophie: Bilder aus dem Leben des Juristen Eduard Gans (1797-1839) (review)

pp. 125-127

Nazi Germany and the Jews. Volume I: The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939 (review)

pp. 127-129

Victims and Survivors: The Nazi Persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands, 1940-1945 (review)

pp. 129-132

The Uses and Abuses of Knowledge: Proceedings of the 23rd Annual Scholars' Conference on the Holocaust and the German Church Struggle; March 7-9, 1993, Tulsa, Oklahoma (review)

pp. 132-134

"Madagaskar für die Juden": Antisemitische Idee und politische Praxis, 1885-1945 (review)

pp. 134-135

Leo Baeck Institute Year Book XLII, 1997 (review)

pp. 136-137

Jews in Early Modern Poland (review)

pp. 138-140

Stages of Annihilation: Theatrical Representations of the Holocaust (review)

pp. 140-142

A House of Words: Jewish Writing, Identity and Memory (review)

pp. 143-144

James Joyce's Ulysses and the Consciousness of Jewish Identity: Culture, Biography, and "the Jew" in Modernist Europe (review)

pp. 144-146

Jews Against Prejudice: American Jews and the Fight for Civil Liberties (review)

pp. 146-147

Abba Hillel Silver and American Zionism (review)

pp. 148-149

Judaism in the First Centuries of the Christian Era: The Age of Tannaim (review)

pp. 149-150

The Jewish Heroes of Christian History: Hebrews 11 in Literary Context (review)

pp. 151-152

The Representation of Speech in Biblical Hebrew Narrative: A Linguistic Analysis (review)

pp. 153-154

On Reading Prophetic Texts: Gender-Specific and Related Studies in Memory of Fokkelien van Dijk-Hemmes (review)

pp. 155-156

Book Notes

pp. 157-176

Articles Noted

pp. 177-188

News and Information

pp. 189-192

Index to Volume 17

pp. 193-200