restricted access   Volume 16, Number 3, Spring 1998

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From: Shofar: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies

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Rassenpolitik in National Socialist Cinema

pp. 1-27

The Dilemma of German-Jewish Youths in the Third Reich: The Case of the Bund deutsch-jüdische Jugend 1933-1935

pp. 28-41

Alterity, Authenticity, and Jewish Identity

pp. 42-62

Bris Mila, Desire and Levinas

pp. 63-70

Comparative Philosophical Approaches to Salvation: An Examination of a Particular Instance of Interreligious Experience

pp. 71-83

Biblical Quotations in Muslim Religious Literature: A Perspective of Dogma and Politics

pp. 84-102

Leadership and Control Within an American Jewish Communist Front: The Case of the ICOR

pp. 103-117

Keeping Yiddish Alive: The Workmen's Circle in Des Moines, Iowa, 1930-1952

pp. 118-131


Edmund Wilson: Combat and Comradeship

pp. 132-138

Book Reviews

Sacrificing Commentary: Reading the End of Literature (review)

pp. 139-143

The Experienced Soul: Studies in Amichai (review)

pp. 143-145

Pathways to Paul Celan: A History of Critical Responses as a Chorus of Discordant Voices (review)

pp. 146-148

The Last Happy Occasion (review)

pp. 148-150

The Empire of Kalman the Cripple, and: Ship of the Hunted (review)

pp. 150-152

Theatralia Judaica Vol. II: Nach der Shoah. Israelisch-deutsche Theaterbeziehungen seit 1949 (review)

pp. 152-154

Voicing the Void: Muteness and Memory in Holocaust Fiction (review)

pp. 154-156

The World Reacts to the Holocaust (review)

pp. 156-158

Valhalla, Calvary & Auschwitz (review)

pp. 158-160

Anti-Semitism in Germany: The Post-Nazi Epoch Since 1945 (review)

pp. 161-163

Sparks Amidst the Ashes: The Spiritual Legacy of Polish Jewry (review)

pp. 163-164

Vier jüdische Philosophinnen: Rosa Luxemburg, Simone Weil, Edith Stein, Hannah Arendt, and: Denken und Handeln als Jüdin: Hannah Arendts politische Theorie vor 1950 (review)

pp. 164-167

Ritual and Ethnic Identity: A Comparative Study of the Social Meaning of Liturgical Ritual in Synagogues (review)

pp. 167-168

The Maintenance and Transmission of Ethnic Identity: A Study of Four Ethnic Groups of Religious Jews in Israel (review)

pp. 169-170

Politics and Society in Modern Israel: Myths and Reality (review)

pp. 171-172

Why Syria Goes to War (review)

pp. 172-174

Jerusalem: An Archaeological Biography (review)

pp. 174-176

The Image of Bar Kokhba in Traditional Jewish Literature: False Messiah and National Hero (review)

pp. 176-178

Horace M. Kallen: Prophet of American Zionism (review)

pp. 178-180

Gender Equality and American Jews (review)

pp. 180-182

Book Notes

pp. 183-193

News and Information

pp. 194-200