restricted access   Volume 14, Number 3, Spring 1996

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction: Jewish Studies in France

pp. 1-4

Short Story

Answers from a Master: A Short Story / Les réponses d'un maître: un conte

pp. 5-15


Politics and Culture in Jewish Studies in Nineteenth-Century France

pp. 16-31

Reverberations of the Kabbalah in Modern French Thought

pp. 32-46

On the Margins of French Historiography: Once Again, the History of the Jews

pp. 47-62

Studying the Era of Emancipation: The State of Franco-Jewish Local History

pp. 63-87

French And American Studies Of The Shoah: A Comparison

pp. 88-106

The Dreyfus Affair in the Work of Marcel Proust: A Critique of Hannah Arendt and Julia Kristeva

pp. 107-124

Yiddish in France: A Conversation with Rachel Ertel

pp. 125-137

The Medem-Bibliotek: The Yiddish Library of Paris

pp. 138-143

Judezmo Philology in France: The Contribution of Haïm Vidal Séphiha

pp. 144-153

Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

pp. 154-167

Book Reviews

American Consuls in the Holy Land, 1832-1914 (review)

pp. 168-169

Land of Paradoxes: Interest Politics in Israel (review)

p. 170

The Grand Mufti: Haj Amin al-Hussaini, Founder of the Palestinian National Movement (review)

pp. 170-173

Palestinian Peasants and Ottoman Officials: Rural Administration Around Sixteenth-Century Jerusalem (review)

pp. 174-175

Josephus and the History of the Greco-Roman Period. Essays in Memory of Morton Smith (review)

pp. 175-177

Theory and Method in Biblical and Cuneiform Law: Revision, Interpolation and Development (review)

pp. 177-180

Uncovering Ancient Stones: Essays in Memory of H. Neil Richardson (review)

pp. 180-183

Faith, Tradition, and History: Old Testament Historiography in Its Near Eastern Context (review)

pp. 183-189

Magic, Mysticism, and Hasidism: The Supernatural in Jewish Thought (review)

pp. 189-190

Trade and Traders in Muslim Spain: The Commercial Realignment of the Iberian Peninsula 900-1500 (review)

pp. 191-192

The Forerunners: Dutch Jewry in the North American Diaspora (review)

pp. 192-194

Branching Out: German-Jewish Immigration to the United States, 1820-1914 (review)

pp. 194-196

Between Mussolini and Hitler: The Jews and the Italian Authorities in France and Tunisia (review)

pp. 197-198

Insiders and Outsiders: Jewish and Gentile Culture in Germany and Austria (review)

pp. 198-202

Vessels of Evil: American Slavery and the Holocaust (review)

pp. 202-204

The Aftermath: Living with the Holocaust (review)

pp. 204-206

Kinder der Opfer—Kinder der Täter: Psychoanalyse und Holocaust (review)

pp. 207-210

Mad as Hell: The Life and Work of Paddy Chayefsky (review)

pp. 210-213

The "Other" New York Jewish Intellectuals (review)

pp. 213-214

Agnon's Art of Indirection: Uncovering Latent Content in the Fiction of S. Y. Agnon (review)

pp. 214-217

Book Notes

Book Notes

pp. 218-236

Articles Noted

Articles Noted

pp. 237-247

News and Information

News and Information

pp. 248-260