restricted access   Volume 13, Number 2, Winter 1995

Table of Contents


Centaur on the Roof: Can a Neo-Sephardic Culture Emerge in Latin America?

pp. 1-15

Two Aspects of Jewish Identity

pp. 16-27

The Jewish Essence of Franz Kafka

pp. 28-43

The Second Commandment: "Thou Shalt Not Bow Down Unto Them, Nor Serve Them, For I the Lord Thy God Am a Jealous God"

pp. 44-57

Focus on Teaching

Teaching Judaism in Three Weeks: Selectivity and the Position of the Instructor

pp. 58-80

Review Essays

The Jewish Thought of Leo Strauss?: Review Essay

pp. 81-85

Searching for a Woman's Voice: Review Essay

pp. 86-91

Book Reviews

A Community in Spite of Itself: Soviet Jewish Emigres in New York (review)

pp. 92-94

To the Golden Cities: Pursuing the American Jewish Dream in Miami and L.A. (review)

pp. 94-96

After Tragedy and Triumph: Modern Jewish Thought and the American Experience (review)

pp. 96-100

Memory, History, and the Extermination of the Jews of Europe (review)

pp. 100-102

Leo Baeck Institute Year Book XXXVII, XXXVIII (review)

pp. 102-104

Christian Theology After the Shoah (review)

pp. 104-106

Shield and Sword: Jewish Polemics Against Christianity and the Christians in France and Spain from 1100-1500 (review)

pp. 106-109

Alienated Minority: The Jews of Medieval Latin Europe (review)

pp. 109-111

The Enlightened Will Shine: Symbolization and Theurgy in the Later Strata of the Zohar (review)

pp. 111-112

Zionist Culture and West European Jewry Before the First World War (review)

pp. 113-115

Theodor Herzl: From Assimilation to Zionism (review)

pp. 115-117

The Arabists: The Romance of an American Elite (review)

pp. 115-117

Soviet Policy Toward Israel Under Gorbachev (review)

pp. 117-119

The Politics of Change in the Middle East (review)

pp. 123-125

Apple of Gold: Constitutionalism in Israel and the United States (review)

pp. 126-127

Polin: A Journal of Polish-Jewish Studies (review)

pp. 127-129

Narrative in the Hebrew Bible (review)

pp. 129-131

Demonizing the Queen of Sheba: Boundaries of Gender and Culture in Postbiblical and Medieval Islam (review)

pp. 132-133

Cynthia Ozick's Fiction: Tradition and Invention (review)

pp. 133-135

Tropical Synagogues: Short Stories by Jewish-Latin American Writers (review)

pp. 135-137

Book Notes


pp. 138-190

Articles Noted

Articles Noted

pp. 191-224

News and Information

News and Information

pp. 225-236