restricted access   Volume 12, Number 4, Summer 1994

Table of Contents


The Background to Jewish Studies in the Bible and in the Ancient East

pp. 1-46

Primo Levi's Survival in Auschwitz and The Drowned and the Saved: From Testimony to Historical Judgment

pp. 47-58

Terrorism: Stratagems for Remediation from an International Law Perspective

pp. 59-86

How a Jewish Tailor Became a British Admiral

pp. 87-91

Book Reviews

Trent 1475: Stories of a Ritual Murder Trial (review)

pp. 92-93

Freud, Race, and Gender (review)

pp. 94-96

The Holocaust, the French, and the Jews (review)

pp. 96-98

Remembering in Vain: The Klaus Barbie Trial and Crimes Against Humanity (review)

pp. 98-102

Modernity Within Tradition: The Social History of Orthodox Jewry in Imperial Germany (review)

pp. 102-105

The Uses of Tradition: Jewish Continuity in the Modern Era (review)

pp. 105-106

The Jewish Renaissance and Some of Its Discontents (review)

pp. 107-108

Religion and the Individual: A Jewish Perspective (review)

pp. 108-112

The Making of the Jewish Middle Class: Women, Family, and Identity in Imperial Germany, and: Women as Ritual Experts: The Religious Lives of Elderly Jewish Women in Jerusalem (review)

pp. 112-116

A Breath of Life: Feminism in the American-Jewish Community (review)

pp. 116-120

Conversations with Philip Roth (review)

pp. 120-123

Jewish-American Fiction, 1917-1987 (review)

pp. 124-127

On Stage, Off Stage: Memories of a Lifetime in the Yiddish Theatre (review)

pp. 127-129

Reluctant Ally: United States Foreign Policy Toward the Jews from Wilson to Roosevelt (review)

pp. 129-132

The United States and the State of Israel (review)

pp. 132-134

The Water's Edge and Beyond: Defining the Limits to Domestic Influence on United States Middle East Policy (review)

pp. 134-137

Between Redemption and Revival: The Jewish Yishuv of Jerusalem in the Nineteenth Century (review)

pp. 137-141

The World Center for Jewish Music in Palestine 1936-1940 (review)

pp. 141-143

To Each Its Own Meaning: An Introduction to Biblical Criticisms and Their Applications (review)

pp. 143-145

Amos: A Commentary on the Book of Amos (review)

pp. 145-147

Book Notes

pp. 148-176

News and Information

pp. 177-186

Index to Volume 12

pp. 187-192