restricted access   Volume 11, Number 2, Winter 1993

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Editor's Introduction: Rediscovering the Hebrew Bible as Literature

pp. 1-15


The Identity of Jacob's Opponent: Wrestling with Ambiguity in Gen. 32:22-32

pp. 16-29

To an Impotent God: Images of Divine Impotence in Hebrew Scripture

pp. 30-49

A Mother's Paean, A Warrior's Dirge: Reflections on the Use of Poetic Inclusions in the Books of Samuel

pp. 51-64

2 Samuel 24: A Meditation on Wrath, Guilt, and the King

pp. 65-79

Prologue at Sinai

pp. 81-96

"This Borrowed Language": Body Politic in Judges 19

pp. 97-109

The Interilluminating Bible

pp. 112-126

Allegories of Scripture

pp. 127-167



p. 50


p. 80

Miriam and Zipporah

pp. 110-111

Book Reviews

Tradition in a Rootless World: Women Turn to Orthodox Judaism (review)

pp. 168-170

Allegra Maud Goldman (review)

pp. 170-172

Tar Beach (review)

pp. 172-173

Conversations with Bernard Malamud (review)

pp. 173-175

Journey to Oblivion: The End of the East European Yiddish and German Worlds in the Mirror of Literature (review)

pp. 176-179

The Chief Rabbi, the Pope and the Holocaust (review)

pp. 180-181

The Economic Origins of Anti-Semitism: Poland and Its Jews in the Early Modern Period (review)

pp. 181-184

Dreyfus: A Family Affair, 1789-1945 (review)

pp. 184-186

Inscribing the Other (review)

pp. 186-188

Organizing Rescue: Jewish National Solidarity in the Modern Period (review)

pp. 189-191

Refugee Communities: A Comparative Field Study (review)

pp. 191-193

How Things Were Done in Odessa: Cultural and Intellectual Pursuits in a Soviet City (review)

pp. 193-195

Jesus Within Judaism: New Light from Exciting Archaeological Discoveries (review)

pp. 195-197

Hellenists and Hebrews: Reappraising Division within the Earliest Church (review)

pp. 197-199

The Palestinian Uprising: A War by Other Means (review)

pp. 199-201

Beyond Innocence and Redemption (review)

pp. 201-203

Fighters Over Israel: The Story of the Israeli Airforce from the War of Independence to the Bekaa Valley (review)

pp. 203-204

Book Notes

Book Notes

pp. 205-214

News and Information

News and Information

pp. 215-220