restricted access   Volume 48, Number 4, Winter 2002

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From: MFS Modern Fiction Studies

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Special Issue: Queer Fictions of Race

Guest Editor: Siobhan Somerville

Introduction: Queer Fictions of Race

pp. 787-794


The Russian Connection: Interracialism as Queer Alliance in Langston Hughes's The Ways of White Folks

pp. 795-824

Race, Capitalism, and the Third-Sex Ideal: Claude McKay's Home to Harlem and the Legacy of Edward Carpenter

pp. 825-857

"The Most Outrageous Masquerade": Queering Asian-American Masculinity

pp. 858-898

Sweetback Style: Wallace Thurman and a Queer Harlem Renaissance

pp. 899-936

Secret Dossiers: Sexuality, Race, and Treason in Proust and the Dreyfus Affair

pp. 937-968

Queering Black Patriarchy: The Salvific Wish and Masculine Possibility in Alice Walker's The Color Purple

pp. 969-1000

Breeding (and) Reading: Lesbian Knowledge, Eugenic Discipline, and The Children's Hour

pp. 1001-1040

Undergoing Racial "Reassignment": The Politics of Transracial Crossing in Sinclair Lewis's Kingsblood Royal

pp. 1041-1074


pp. 1075-1076